Stop the Harassing Phone Calls

One of the most stressful parts of being in debt is the phone calls from creditors. While the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prohibits creditors from doing certain things, creditors frequently break the rules knowing that there is little that debtors can do to stop them.

Have you been called at home by debt collectors who have screamed in your ear, called you a deadbeat or other names, threatened to have you put in jail and forced you to slam down the phone in anger? Have they called you at work, putting your job at risk? Have they called your friends or relatives and told them how much you owe?

Have hope. There is something you can do to stop the harassing debt collection calls. You can file bankruptcy with the help of the law office of attorney Curt Morris.

How Bankruptcy Stops Creditor Harassment

As soon as you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, an automatic stay goes into effect. This is like an injunction that makes it unlawful for creditors to continue to call and harass you. You will immediately be relieved of the fear of picking up the phone. The stress of debt will begin to fade and you will see that you can have hope for a debt-free future.