Tooele Bankruptcy Lawyer

You Do Not Have to Feel Guilty About Overcoming Your Debt

At the law office of bankruptcy attorney mybkhelp of Tooele County Debt Relief Agency, we represent honest and hardworking people in Tooele County who have found themselves overwhelmed by debt. We understand that you do not want to file for bankruptcy, and that the mere thought of it makes you feel guilty. You do not have to feel guilty about overcoming your debt.

Two Important Facts About Bankruptcy and Your Debt

You do not have to feel guilty about filing bankruptcy because the Constitution was written with your situation in mind. Congress was given the power to create bankruptcy laws to help people in the event of a financial emergency, people like you.

It is quite possible that your creditors have not been honest in their dealings with you. A close look at your debt may reveal that it has piled up in part because of excessive late fees and unfair interest rates. Your debt may very well be the result of a job loss, a medical emergency or something else beyond your control that your creditors seemingly have no sympathy for or flexibility to address. That is why bankruptcy exists.

More Than 15 Years of Utah Bankruptcy Experience

We have more than 15 years of experience guiding people like you through the bankruptcy process. We want you to know that you can have hope. You can stop creditor harassment, stop garnishment, stop foreclosure and stop repossession. An experienced lawyer can help.